[thelist] popup splash without being intrusive and annoying!

Drew Shiel ashiel at sportsinteraction.com
Thu Oct 28 04:56:13 CDT 2004

At 10:41 28/10/2004, Andrew wrote:

>I want to provide visitors with a promotional offer without it being
>permanent and once displayed or closed thats it the session is killed.
>Some views on this would be nice before proceeding.  I am thinking about
>just making a link more visible than anything else but the reason for not
>doing this is I don't want to amend the rest of the design of the site

   I've occasionally had things like this in the past. Essentially, in 
pseudocode, the logic goes:

   If user has no promo cookie
         - set promo cookie
         - do popup

   That way, if they've seen it at all, whether or not they took it, it 
doesn't pop up again. After your promotion is over, you can either just 
remove that code, so that no new cookies are set, and the old ones remain 
in place, or you can be nice and drop in some code that deletes existing 
cookies as well.


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