[thelist] RE: need your blog URL [reply to Me, not the list]

Steven Streight vaspersthegrate at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 14 14:59:55 CST 2005

A Gentle Reminder:

If you have a blog URL to send me, please DO NOT reply
to the list.

If you do, you'll pack the archives and digests or
whatever with OT content that may reduce the value of
the Evolt service overall.

I ask for blogs to consider featuring in my book
Secrets of the Blogging Pros. 

Very famous and successful blogs are already on board:
Photo Matt, Boing Boing, Davenetics, Blog Maverick,
Edelman Global PR, Origin of Brands Blog (Laura Ries),
Decent Marketing, What's Your Brand Mantra? Blog,
EarthLink ProtectionBlog, etc. 

No offense, but this is a private request that Evolt
Admins, so far, are allowing me to conduct. In
fairness and respect to Evolt, reply to me directly:

vaspersthegrate at yahoo.com

Steven Streight
Web Usability Analyst & Content Writer
Digital Media Artist
Virtual Instrument Music Composer

EMAIL: vaspersthegrate at yahoo.com

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