[thelist] Site check / critique please...

D Ross dross202 at comcast.net
Tue Feb 15 04:07:26 CST 2005

Hi all,
I'm just about finished with this site and want some opinions/advice please:


I'm still learning as I'm going but having fun learning all this new stuff.
Can you guys/gals check it to see if I could be coding anything better 
or if anything jumps out at you let me know.

I realize there's a problem with the navigation (Events and Marketing) 
links really only being on the home page. But, that's the way the client 
wanted it. He wants to eventually have a separate site for the Marketing.
I also want to do the home big links with css but havent figured that 
out yet and just wanted to get the majority of the whole site done first.
Also, I havent added any IE pc hacks. Never have done that before either 
so I'm thinking that if I need to I'll probably use conditional comments 
and use the @import separate style sheet method.
I'm on mac but checked most of the pages out on my friends IE6 
pc...Everything looked the same I think as it did in Firefox...so I 
might not need any hacks? Or will ie 5-5.5 show diffrently than ie6?

Thanks for any info..Greatly appreciated,

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