[thelist] wysiwyg xhtml editor WAS: Which programs... web graphics on linux??

Izaak Branderhorst izaak at victoria.tc.ca
Wed Feb 16 16:53:24 CST 2005

> I have a paste area in the (Drupal) CMS that allows HTML to be pasted.
> I tried  fckeditor and htmlarea but they didn't work properly in
> Opera/Firefox/Konqueror on Linux, so I let the users copy/paste from a
> wysiwyg editor until I find a better solution.

KUPU!!!! <http://kupu.oscom.org/>

- formats xhtml
- has the greatest browser coverage (works in firefox/linux)
- defaults to paragraph formatting (<shift-enter> inserts <br /> <enter> 
starts new paragraph)
- modular, interface can be styled via CSS
- can be implemented in a variety of server-side environments

these are the things I was looking for and finally found it in Kupu, 
although I'm still working on my first implementation... HTMLArea and 
fckeditor are good but don't format code well enough. Xopus is by far the 
best, being XML based and having the richest interface, but it only works 
for IE.


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