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Christopher Mahan chris_mahan at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 16 19:24:44 CST 2005

--- Ken Schaefer <Ken at adOpenStatic.com> wrote:
> This is where you are wrong:

> a) Web developers aren't the primary users of IE - end users are

99% of the TV primary users are just watchers. Yet it is the TV
producers that make the shows those people watch. So it is with the
web, The milling masses drop bad sites and migrate to better ones.
Want an example of that? Look no further than online banking. People
select their bank by the UI of the online banking interface. And
there the designer is instrumental.

> b) There is an enormous amount of legacy code out there (and not on
> public
> websites) that relies on the various bits owned by IE. By enormous,
> we'd be
> talking about billions of lines of code (or more). Microsoft has
> obviously
> chosen not to break backwards compatibility for ISVs and large
> customers to
> make changes to rendering in IE. I think they're drawn a line
> underneath
> Trident (the current IE rendering engine). Do not wait for anything
> to be
> changed there - it appears that the next rendering engine will come
> in
> Longhorn

Yes, and Longhorn's rendering engine will have to be backward
compatibel because there will be 2 years worth of code in addition to
the existing billions of lines.

Which means that longhorn ie renderer will still take on the broken
box model, the css hacks, the mimetype funnies, and the piecemeal

That is, until about 60% of users are on with xhtml+css3 +firefox 2.0
and merrily on their way to happy, safe, and secure browsing.

By that time, MS won't be able to catch up, because mozilla/firefox
code is open-source, and can't be subverted/bankrupted.

The better TV channel draws the eyeballs.

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