[thelist] Searching for a Multilingual Forum

Travis tbrunn at pgmusic.com
Sat Feb 19 14:28:41 CST 2005

Hi All,

I need to set up a forum that can easily switch between languages and which
has support for unlimited language templates in the same installation.

Does anyone know of a good forum software with support for this?

(Note - I have seen some forums where a user can select their language
within their user profile preferences - however this is not quite what I'm
looking for, since it means the forum will default to a certain language
until a user signs up for an account and then specifies otherwise.  What I'd
really like is the ability to 'switch' the forum into a certain language
simply by appending a parameter to the querystring, like ?language=french
or, maybe have certain forum topics set to a language, or something like


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