[thelist] Weird SQL Server Error - Possibly Just a Timeout

Rob Smith rob.smith at THERMON.com
Mon Mar 7 09:40:28 CST 2005


When someone access our Intranet, I record, who, when, and what page they
accessed for audit ability. The INSERT sql code has been working flawlessly
for the past two years. However, this morning it stopped working. I have two
tables that this is happening to. Both are averaging about 65,000 rows. I'm
getting script timeouts on INSERT commands. Do you think this is the case,
and do I increase the script timeout in IIS or the SQL server? I think it's
the SQL server because I tried through enterprise manager:

SELECT     COUNT(LogID) AS totals
FROM         IntranetLog

and EM said that the script timed out.


Rob Smith

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