[thelist] Iterate through result set - Is this possible? (SQL)

Joshua Olson joshua at waetech.com
Tue May 31 08:24:10 CDT 2005

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> You can't "select" a 7 day gap. You can only select existing data. 


Perhaps in a manner of speaking you can select a "7 day gap".  Back around
April, there was a suggestion to Burhan's previous question about this same
project (presumably) that may be able to help here.  The suggestion was to
enumerate all possible days (within reason, of course) and join the events
against that table.  Using an OUTER join, it would be possible to return
only those days that have no events, thusly returning the "gap".  Analysis
of this data (which can be done with one query) would allow you to locate a
range where a day, plus the 6 following days, are all within the results

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