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Jeroen Wijers info at internetvraagbaak.nl
Wed Jun 1 02:11:37 CDT 2005


> Is it a fact, that US customers are much more willing to buy
> from the internet than others? Why is that so? Or, why is that
> so on this site?
> If you go to http://www.flash-sounds.com/ and scroll down to the
> very bottom of the page, you can see where paying members are
> located. See the difference btw USA and the rest of the world?
> o       In USA, people are more used to buying things with their
>         credit card. There are countries like Germany, where most
>         of the people don't have a credit card.

Well a friend from the Us was here with us, i am dutch living in Belgium for 
a while now,
that having a CreditCard and USE it! adds to your future changes of having a 
bigger credit...
Here in Western Europe banks do not have such a system.
You can get a creditcard when 18+ and you earn this and that per month by 
Having a personal credit, a credit for your running bankaccount has nothing 
to do with your CReditcard usage
only when you got in to trouble maybe and are or were in debt when using the 

If you want to buy a house or something bigger again the banks go and have a 
look at your income..
The bigger the income the bigger the loan you can get.

> o       French speaking people don't buy anything from sites that
>         don't speak French to them (The site is in English and
>         German).
Well yes indeed. Not all in europa are used to read and write in English.
Some can but won't for "cultural reasons"
US people on the other hand do not like sites that only have Euro's 
mentioned :)
I have build a  great site for a client but people from US say they want all 
prices in $ as well.

> o       US people are more used to buying things over distance.
> o       Europeans are more reluctant to give away their card number.

People are getting used a bit more using a CC but still not as normal as in 
the US.
AND we do not really need one for with our bankpass we can pay and get money 
in shops and or banks,
some cards are also usable outside your own country to use for payment.


> Flash related reasons:
> o       There might be more Flash designers in USA than elsewhere
>         (The site is about sound f/x for Flash movies)
> o       US customers request more sound f/x from their designers
> I'm interested in your opinions and experiences!!
> Thanks
> Mike
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