[thelist] Ecommerce for the rest of the world

Jan Brasna discuss at alphanumeric.cz
Wed Jun 1 01:07:06 CDT 2005

> o       In USA, people are more used to buying things with their
>         credit card. 

And cheques.

> There are countries like Germany, where most
>         of the people don't have a credit card.

Weird, I suppose almost everyone in EU has a CC... (comparing with the 
taget audience in CZ)

> o       French speaking people don't buy anything from sites that
>         don't speak French to them

Possible. (Even French-speaking Helevtians?)

> o       Europeans are more reluctant to give away their card number.

It's also due to different online payments policy of European banks (eg. 
all CZ cards are issued with e-commerce transactions disabled by default).

> o       There might be more Flash designers in USA than elsewhere

Well, if you compare the population of US and DE... The penetration of 
flash designers would be in the same ratio.

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