[thelist] JS: Resizing an image?

Juha Suni juha.suni at ilmiantajat.fi
Fri Aug 26 08:20:21 CDT 2005

ben morrison wrote:
> Sometimes the end-user (in this case the administrator) has to take
> some control over what they are uploading, yes its possible to resize
> on client/server - but they always look pretty bad.

Here I disagree. Images resized/resampled on the server with ImageMagick, 
for example, are of the highest quality. Resampling on the server 
automatically after upload is complete is often the best method, requires 
little processing power and produces high quality images. Does not replace 
completely dynamic resizing that can be achieved with flash or SVG, but for 
bitmap images it is pretty much the best you can get, and easily can produce 
equal resampling quality than your average image editor.

> Teach the admin user to re-size images, controversial i know, simplest
> solution yes.

Simplest perhaps, but lots of work on the long run.


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