[thelist] free shared css for tables?

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> <<gopher://sappho.realss.com/I9/this_month/screenshot.png>>
> gopher...GOPHER?   Do you know how long it has been since I saw a
> page????

The cool thing about that, is the protocol still works just fine.

Not sure where this person is going on styling tables, looks like there
is some table styling on his png example already, but it still needs an
artistic or designers touch added to it?

No one is going to send a list of links methinks of nice tables, after
all beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but it's fairly easy to find
nice tables out there. If there's a particular one that suits your eye,
then copy it, it's just that easy.

Lots of tutorials out there too, without even adding 'tutorial' to a
Google query I get a page of good links right away:

Check out Veerle's blog, CSS is like the domain name, you have to LEARN
what it does, then you can USE it and it will become du' oh! after that.
or just copy the example and download the stylesheet from the link
supplied on the page, which uses the most common techniques or methods
for styling tables:

Years ago I did the tutorials from WESTCIV that really helped a lot,
free if you can wait a week in between, inexpensive otherwise:
and totally free: http://www.w3schools.com/css/default.asp

and a reference to what you can do with tables and which browsers
support what:


is that what you want? If not, then you will have to get to know an
artist/designer to beautify your tables or keep searching for the
perfectly pretty table that you want and copy it's css/html.



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