[thelist] Form error - need help from the pros

Flavia Tarzwell (FayeC) ftarzwell at fayec.com
Wed Oct 19 00:31:19 CDT 2005

Ok...I have a form login which won't work at all if I add the email field..
It works fine without it but the minute I add the email field it goes 
crazy and won't go through..I have tried everything I can possibly think 
of and I am assuming it is something silly since the code works fine 
without those few lines of code I added to have the login with email 
validation as well...
What could be causing the code not to go through? I tried getting the 
error to show but that didn't work either...and the code is being sent 
to validation since the cookie is being written...
Could somebody give me a hand with this one off list.

Truly truly appreciate any tutoring on this one,


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