[thelist] wordpress-mysql step one

Dwain Alford dwain.alford at gmail.com
Wed Nov 9 01:34:44 CST 2005

thanks for replying. i've been swamped lately and haven't had a chance to
"play" since i moved.

i did what you suggested and the file still cannot be found.

to reiterate, this is on a local windows machine for web development with
xammp as the host program for wordpress. wordpress is a drag and drop
process from the desk top to the htdoc folder *after* the wp-config file is
created. but i think i did a boneheaded procedure when i opened the sample
config file.

all php files are set to always open with notepad. i think i'm going to have
to reload windows to wipe the setting, unless there is another way to do it
without wiping the entire drive.

sigh, this is almost more trouble than it's worth, but i want to make this
idea work, so i must press on. any suggestions, including reloading windows,
would be appreciated.


On 10/20/05, Steve Lewis <nepolon at worlddomination.net> wrote:
> dwain alford wrote:
> > it appears that the wp-config file is not being located to initialize
> > the install.
> I would recommend wiping your wordpress directory, extracting from the
> zip and starting over, than. As I said before, you shouldn't move files
> around until after you have successfully gotten wordpress working and
> read the instructions on Codex for applying the blog index to the web
> root. I can think of no other reason this wouldn't work.
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> SteveL
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