[thelist] Weird ASP.NET problem - Link Posted

Asif Suria asifsuria at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 11 13:43:46 CST 2005

Peter is right about the copy action during the
postback instead of a regular submit. 

I found a couple of articles on Microsoft's website
about making changes to the registry and changing some
settings. If that works out, I will email the solution
to the list. In the meantime if anyone else has clues,
please do let me know.

I wanted to thank all of you for taking the time to
look into this.

If the doors of perception were cleansed everything
would appear to man as it is, infinite. — William


--- "Peter Brunone (EasyListBox.com)"
<peter at easylistbox.com> wrote:

> 	He's doing the copy action on postback.  Not
> necessarily the
> best strategy, but that's the way ASP.NET works out
> of the box.  It's
> not *processing* the information whhen you click the
> checkbox; it's
> merely submitting the form back to the server for
> some alterations and
> then reloading the page.  That's the postback
> mechanism.
> 	I saw it choke on the form.submit as well, as if
> the form
> doesn't really exist.  This has been reported by
> someone else in the
> past couple of months, and I wish I could remember
> what the answer was
> (or what the subject line/list was).  For some
> reason it seems like
> either (a) the tag structure was bad or (b) the dev
> needed to run the
> asp.net install again.
> *brain grinding*
> Peter
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> From: thelist-bounces at lists.evolt.org On Behalf Of
> Robert Vreeland
> >> Does your form tag have the attribute
> >>         runat="server"
> >The form has a runat server. else there won't be
> any __VIEWSTATE. runat
> >attribute will not be visible on the response
> output. it is a
> server-side tag.
> >Volkan Ozcelik
> Right you are, sorry about that, my mind was
> swimming in molasses
> yesterday. In any event, I ran the error through MS
> Visual Studio
> debugger and it is choking on theForm.submit(). From
> the viewable code,
> it looks like your trying to submit the form if they
> check the checkbox
> for use the same address; personally, I would not
> want to auto-submit on
> that incase the User made a mistake or wants to
> change their mind.
> Instead, let the User submit normally and decide how
> to handle the
> mailing address server side based on whether or not
> they checked the
> box.
> Robert
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