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Mike designbase10 at shaw.ca
Thu Nov 17 15:08:08 CST 2005

Thanks Brian, April, Matt and Dave,

 From your posts it would appear that SMF http://www.simplemachines.org/ 
is the way to go for my situation. I would be reluctant to use phpBB if 
it crashes as much as everyone seems to indicate it does as well as the 
noted security problems. Yes, I would like to try Invision Board 
http://www.invisionpower.com but I would rather avoid any costs at this 
point and try out the free SMF http://www.simplemachines.org/ first.



Dave Stevens wrote:
> --- Mike <designbase10 at shaw.ca> wrote:
>>phpBB http://www.phpbb.com/ looks like a
>>good solution. Any other obvious recommendations?
> I thoroughly recommend SMF (Simple Machines Forum)
> http://www.simplemachines.org/
> I run a reasonably high traffic, popular message board
> (50,000+ posts, 2000+ members) and have always used
> SMF's predecessor, YaBB, then SMF as it evolved.
> Nothing but good words for it, it's very stable and in
> over 2 years I've not had a problem at all, which has
> included changing servers twice due to host issues and
> not having any trouble resurrecting the board on the
> new host.
> For comparison's sake, the official forum of the band
> I run the unofficial board of chose to use PHPBB2 and
> has started to see a relatively high number of spam
> bots signing up and posting advertising messages,
> despite only being live for a matter of a few months.
> Dave
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