[thelist] Web Log Analyzer for the Mac?

Daniel Romanchik dan at danromanchik.com
Wed Dec 21 10:37:21 CST 2005


I've been trying to find some web log analysis software for the Mac,  
but haven't had a whole lot of success. What I want is something a  
little more fancy than Analog. For example, I'd like the software to  
tell me the number of visits and the entry and exit pages of visitors.

I did find two that look like they'll fit the bill:

   FlashStats: http://www.maximized.com/products/flashstats/
   Traffic Report:  http://www.seacloak.com/

I downloaded the trial version of Traffic Report, but unfortunately,  
it wouldn't let me get past the registration page. They haven't  
responded to an e-mail yet, either. I haven't tried FlashStats yet  
because it costs more, and I didn't want to get hooked on it. :)

Anyway, anyone know of any other programs that I should look at?


Daniel Romanchik
Freelance Writer and Website Developer
734-930-6564, dan at danromanchik.com

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