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Manektala, Udit Udit.Manektala at pioneer.com
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I finally got the XMLHTTP Request object to work fine right before I
read your post. First, wht I did with the XMLHTTP Object was simply to
load it synchronously, ( turn async flag false ). Any obvious
disadvantage to that ?? But anyways, my victory was short-lived because
soon after getting this working I read your post and though to myself,
that the only thing I need to change in my code would be the
ServerXMLHTTP instead of the XMLHTTP and I'd be up and going. But no,
more trouble in store. Now I get a 

msxml3.dll error '80072ee2' 
The operation timed out 

I googled that and came up with this page being the most relevant.

Turns out that XMLHTTP and ServerXMLHTTP use different stuff inside
(URLMON and WinHTTP), so they don't necessarily behave the same way. Im
trying to work with my Web Mgmt. Team in trying to figure out if the
Proxy stuff mentioned in the thread pertains to us. But anyone ever have
this problem with ServerXMLHTTP request Object ??

Oh yeah and do let me know if there are any convincing reasons for using
the Async=true mode rather than the Async = false mode.

Thanks for your Help

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I can't find the original post in this thread, so I'll reply to Peter's

For server-side automation you should not be using XMLHTTP interfaces.
That uses WinInet under the covers, and is not designed for multi-user
If you want to see the types of things that happen, check my blog:

The ServerXMLHTTP object allows you to specify whether the call should
be processed synchronously, or asynchronously, thus avoiding the need to
in a processor intensive loop.

See my blog post for a link to the start page for the ServerXMLHTTP


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