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Hassan Schroeder hassan at webtuitive.com
Thu Mar 2 09:01:51 CST 2006

Ken Moore wrote:

> I have a client who wants to move a system to the internet. They want their 
> clients to be able to access 3D imaging from the web site. Each client will 
> have about 1/2 gig of information and they will have several tousand 
> clients.
> They do not have the expertise to manage a web server.

How are they "managing" the current system?

> The problems are obvious: Storage space, transfer rate, monthly transfer.

What "problems"? You buy as much as you need for your application.

> First, are there any companies with the space and pricing to make this an 
> option?

Of course -- unless your client has an unrealistically low idea of
what this should cost.

> Second, given todays technology, what would be the cost estimate to setup 
> servers and train staff to be their own hosting?

You haven't even begun to address performance requirements, uptime
requirements, security, user interface -- no sane person can quote
a "project" like this...

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