[thelist] cheap software spam - how do they do it?

Eike Pierstorff eikes.lists at dynamique.de
Sun Mar 12 16:58:14 CST 2006

Rich Points schrieb:
> I've read through their policies and what they do is let you download 
> the software and that's about it.  You don't get a license, no disk, you 
> can't register and you may or may not get product updates.  This is 
> acceptable to me for the most part but I'm just wondering if there is a 
> scam here or what.

I'm not a native english speaker so I might have misunderstood your 
question. But if your really asking if there is some kind of fraud 
involved if somebody lets you download copyrighted software without 
licence then yes, that's illegal (theft, software piracy and whatnot).

-- eike

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