[thelist] need help diagnosing problem uploading file to website

kasimir-k evolt at kasimir-k.fi
Mon Mar 27 09:17:37 CST 2006

Sarah Adams scribeva in 27/03/2006 15:49:
> One of the other people in her team is using Safari on a Mac and has the 
> same problem.

This I think increases the likelihood of the following:

>> This rings a bell... I can't quite remember, but I think I once had a 
>> similar problem, and it was caused by malfunctioning switch or router.
> Could this effect only certain people, all coincidentally on the same 
> team, in an office and not others?

It depends... if the affected team all sit behind the malfunctioning 
switch, then yes. If the team memebers sit close to each others then 
this is more likely than if they were sitting scattered around the 
office - the IT staff there could tell.

If they have a laptop, then the next time the problem appears they could 
walk to a different part of the office (somewhere where this problem has 
not occurred) and try again. If they have just desktops they could try 
with a long ethernet cable.


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