[thelist] Just a quick WTF: How to cut off a number after a certainamount of decimals

Christian Heilmann codepo8 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 28 10:19:35 CST 2006

> > Which shows me that the Math object and using "to the power of" is not
> > that common :-)
> perhaps it shows that math is still a mystery to most folks ;)
> your solution makes me think it's not a mystery to you - I wonder how
> much time is spent on this kind of thing because so many people still
> can't spell or do anything beyond simple math.

I always hated math, that is why I turned to computers quite early.
They are the tools that stop us from having to deal with repetitive
calculations, much like a shovel is the tool that helps us not having
to touch dirt :)

IMHO we need a lot more of that thinking. For example: A web site is a
chance to communicate, sell products or solve problems of other human
beings. We do develop for the other human beings, not for the web

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