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Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Tue Mar 28 14:23:16 CST 2006

Rob Smith asked:

>>As I mentioned earlier, my application cannot be solved in one magical

Hi Rob,

I thought you got the answer. Maybe if it was elaborated a bit?

One magic query from the 'base table data' ... No, probably not.
you can combine some of your requirements into a single query ... '1',
'7', and the second '4' look like likely candidates to start with.)

[Also, not sure about your exact system specs mind you, but '5', '6',
'8' look to be pretty much the same question, ('8' is optimum shipping
and '5' and '6' both look like actual-to-optimum-delta), so the
might be able to combine those as well.]

One magic query from a heavily post-processed 'temp table' ... Sure, 
that'll work.

If it was me, I'd probably try to argue for a series of operational 
reports for the worker bees in addition to the 'scorecard' report 
for the exec. Maybe:

* An 'actuals' report.
* An 'opportunity lost' report or two detailing the cost impact 
of mismatched inventory on shipping and handling.
* A forward looking 'inventory rebalancing' report to look-ahead 
to orders due in future weeks and see if inventory is properly 
aligned to fulfill those orders. {No, you didn't really ask for 
that - but what's the point of measuring how poorly ops did 
in aligning supply and demand if you don't give them some tools 
to help them do that?}
* Probably some turn-around-time, order cycle time, fill rate 
kinds of metric reports ... just because. 
* More stuff like that there.



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