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M. Seyon evoltlist at delime.com
Tue Mar 28 16:35:29 CST 2006

Message from Steven Streight (3/28/2006 04:14 PM)

>Have the client hook up with Feedburner.
>On my Vaspers the Grate blog, in my sidebar, I created a little graphic
>called "Feeds" and a brief explanation like "get my fresh posts direct
>delivered to your computer", then I display not only Feedburner, but buttons
>for Add To My Yahoo, XML, etc., but all going back to Feedburner site where
>the menu of options greets them again. I also have a link button to

Doesn't all this amount to putting more steps between your users and the 
information they are seeking?

I read RSS feeds. I do it through my browser. I've never seen the point of 
"services" like Feedburner, Bloglines, et al that basically give me exactly 
what I can already get, except with the added requirement of having to 

Perhaps there is some social engineering benefit to being listed in the 
feed services, but surely the benefits of those are best realised by people 
who have never been to your site before, ie, they find your site 
specifically through one of these services.

Why, then, would you direct someone already at your site to go to a third 
party site, where he may just as easily get caught up in someone else's 
feed and forget all about yours?

Unless I've totally misunderstood the point of these services.


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