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Todd Richards todd at promisingsites.com
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I hadn't actually heard of this until Daryl's post.  I looked at it last
night and it looks interesting.  I watched the trailer of Mr. & Mrs. Smith
and thought it looked good.  The thing to remember is that it depends on the
quality of the video you start with.  You can't magically make something bad
good (ok, you might be able to) but if you start with something good then
the quality should be pretty good.  It's like photos from your digital
camera.  Don't set your camera quality to "web", then expect to print 8x10
photos.  It's easier to start with high quality and reduce to what you need


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This is just the sort of thing I was talking about - there seems to  
be scads of this sort of software out there - every time I do a  
search I come up with different ones - but I haven't seen any  
anecdotal info - just marketing info.  I am wondering how the quality  
is.  One site I looked at (not sure if it was a flash solution) the  
sample video showed a guy talking about the product and the audio was  
so poorly synced with the video that I couldn't believe that they  
used that as their sample.  Have you used Flix Standard?  How is the  
video quality?


On Mar 30, 2006, at 10:48 PM, Daryl Brown wrote:

> I concur with Flash video as the best solution.
> In fact with a few of the available encoders, they will generate  
> the wrapper
> (swf movie controller) and the html code right there and then
> to quote http://on2.com/consumer/flixstandard/
> "Put your video on the web in three clicks with Flix Standard! Flix  
> Standard
> encodes virtually every type of video, audio and image file into  
> Flash, the
> most popular media format on the Internet. An amazing value, Flix  
> Standard
> is the perfect entry-level video encoding solution."
> only $39 - that particular encoder is Windows only.

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