[thelist] Where did my content go?

Ian Anderson ian at zstudio.co.uk
Wed Apr 19 15:08:35 CDT 2006

ben morrison wrote:

> Sounds like the usual IE CSS bugs - could be the peekabo bug [1]
> Try giving the element a height/width this should solve the problem,
> this normally involves using a hack to supply IE only such as the *
> html hack although due to the imminent realease of IE7 it maybe be
> better to use conditional comments[2]

+1 on peekaboo bug or similar - positioniseverything.net is a great 
resource for this sort of thing.

IE bugs are usually fairly easy to defeat now, given the amount of 
knowledge in the community.

Just for reference, when you post a new message, can you please remember 
to start a new email, rather than replying to an old one and changing 
the subject? Your message still appears as part of the old thread (which 
is usually displayed closed by default in Thunderbird). Many people 
won't see your post because it just looks like there is a new message on 
the old thread.



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