[thelist] emailing reports of 404 errors to myself

Greg Holmes greg.holmes at gmail.com
Thu Apr 20 12:19:59 CDT 2006

>I'd like to set up a 404 notifier, so that every
>time a ColdFusion page or other file that doesn't exist
>is requested, I receive an email with the details. The closest
>I've been able to come to this is setting up a custom 404 in
>ColdFusion, and using it to email me the referrer, so that at
>least I know where the broken link is.

That's the right path, IMHO.

>Is there a better/easier way to do this, something that doesn't
>require looking through log files to find 404 errors?

What is not working about this method?  Just make sure you put
whatever information you need in the email.  I've done in ASP, not
ColdFusion, but I'm sure CF has something similar to the Request
object.  The URL and the referrer are the most important, obviously,
but depending
on your environment, you may get some really helpful information
(like cookies on your own site that let you know who the user is).

Greg Holmes

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