[thelist] Working with interactive pdf forms - looking for guidance

M. Seyon evolt07 at delime.com
Thu Aug 3 09:55:52 CDT 2006

Good morning to all,

I'm doing some research for a potential client. Their application process 
requires a series of moderately complex (3-4 pages) forms. We've identified 
PDF as the best route to go at this point, given that it's a fairly common 
standard for end users.

Our best case scenario is to have one version of each form that users 
should be able to:
- complete incrementally and save changes in between
- optionally submit from within acrobat reader or print and fax/snail mail

 From the research I've done so far it seems quite straightforward to 
create a form to be completed in one sitting, then printed and mailed. It's 
when they need to be saveable and submittable that things get a bit more 

However if anyone has experience with the latter please contact me. 
Depending on the route my client takes we may be interested in hiring you 
on a consultant basis to advise on this project.


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