[thelist] OT: Weird Windows problem

Dan Parry dan at virtuawebtech.co.uk
Thu Aug 17 04:44:12 CDT 2006

Hi Jason, thanks for your response

> I'm running Windows XP here, and I can't remember the last time I had a
> significant Windows problem. So I'd say they were getting rarer these
> days... :-)

This is certainly true... Although when they do happen they're very

> Could it be a keyboard problem? Have you tried swapping to a different
> keyboard and mouse?

These appear to be fine and have been used on several systems over the past
few weeks... Still worth a try though :)

> What is the first window that opens -- is it a specific application?
> Any clues as to why that application in particular might be having
> trouble?

At first I thought it was just Explorer but it seems to happen on any
maximisable window

> Has it done this from the minute you first booted into Windows? Or is
> it since you installed something?

>From clean install

> If you installed Windows yourself, have you tried reinstalling? If it
> came preinstalled you could send back the machine?

I installed it from scratch and saw nothing weird (it's a process I've
undertaken a few hundred times over the past few years) but a good point...
I'll try a reinstall if nothing else works... Problem is that Windows is
already activated and I've had problems reactivating a reinstalled system...
But maybe I'm being too lazy to phone the activation line :)

> Jason
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