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: And no. You don't deserve $100 an
: hour. That's your problem. Your opinion of yourself.


If you can get what you need for $300 rather than $3000, you'd be a fool to
spend $3000. No one here disputes that.


You can also pay $300 to have the same rubbish that you're paying $3000 for.
Are you in any better position in terms of solving your business problem? No.

If the alternatives are $3000 to have the job done right, and $300 to have
the job done poorly, what would you choose?

For simple projects (and I would class $3000 as a simple project) you can get
someone from just about anywhere to do this for you. And you certainly don't
need to pay $100/hour for it.

On the other hand, there are far more complex projects that require a level
of experience and expertise that are far beyond cookie-cutter. Somehow the
company I work for manages to employ several thousand consultants, with an
average bill rate well above what you class as being overpriced. It may be
that the experience, skills and knowledge that these consultants have isn't
as widely available as you may think.

For non-trivial projects, you can have two of cheap, quick, good (as someone
already mentioned).


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