[thelist] The quagmire of CMS

Jacques Capesius Jacques.Capesius at compellent.com
Tue Apr 24 15:01:06 CDT 2007

<snip>I know this is a frequent question, and I apologize for
re-hashing.  If
there are email archives someone can point me to, I'd be happy to comb
through them.  I'm looking for some Content Management System advice....
We're on the hunt for something we can offer our clients.  We've been
using DotNetNuke, but the lack of support is maddening, and is to the
point that it's a show-stopper.  Our list of requirements is not too

Hello, Casey, 

Sorry that you're having a bad time with DotNetNuke. My company was in
the market for a CMS late last year and I found the following site very
useful for the selection process:


It lists the many CMS packages out there (and there are literally
hundreds), allows you to filter on your feature requirements, and
displays the results side by side for easy comparison. Price information
is also displayed.

Best of luck!

-jacques :)

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