[thelist] Asp - the case of single quote that wouldn't die...

Joel D Canfield joel at streamliine.com
Wed Dec 5 14:43:01 CST 2007

> Fixed!
> Thanks for the help Joel. 
> Maybe a file encoding issue with the include? Still weird, 
> but at least now I know how to fixy, fixy :)

Errkk! Screeching to a halt.

Do you want to sort out what was wrong, or just move on? Both are valid
choices, just wondering what you'd like.

Why were you using an include in the first place? If there's no reason,
bag it.

If you had a reason, we can play with the FORMATTING and get it to work.

Yup; probably a formatting issue in your code. Invisible elves.

Honest. Google 'invisible elves spinhead' and you'll find eleven
conversations I've had with folks about how perfectly good code that
wasn't working gets retyped in another file, and poof! it works.

Anyway, if you wanna muck with it a bit because using an include is
important, just shout. I'm curious.


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