[thelist] godaddy's business solutions

Bob Boisvert webdad at tampabay.rr.com
Thu May 28 11:21:27 CDT 2009

I have no experience with godaddy other than as a domain registrar.  
This morning I was approached by someone who was painted this picture 
(recommendation) of using godaddy hosting and their deluxe package as a 
solution for their website.  I will take a look at their packages 
later.  In the meantime, the person who asked is interested in a forum 
or msg board, slideshow, perhaps a blog and a mini-store (she sells her 
book, maybe some other stuff.

Me - I'm uncomfortable with hosted, packages solutions in general, am 
wondering about flexibility,  SSH access (I will check), etc.  Feedback 
anyone?  -Bob


I deal with Godaddy a lot, most of my clients are hosted with them. Support
wise I have had nothing but good experiences and some were fairly difficult
setups. I have not used or had to use the shopping cart they have but have
set up SSL, Email, Traffic, and other products and haven't had any issues.

The SSL access is pretty straight forward, they are using Starfield, takes
approximately 5-7 days or earlier to get SSL approved provided the site is
up. There's really quite a bit that can be done as far as flexibility.

I know the stories about Godaddy but I haven't experienced it.


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