[thelist] how do you manage/respond?

steven streight vaspers at inbox.com
Sun May 31 11:14:02 CDT 2009

Many clients have no clue what "content" is, or pretend to be dumb. 

But I think it's wrong to tell a client that you have other clients, other projects that you need to work on. They know that, but hate hearing it. Each client wants to feel like The Only Client.

It's like singles dating, "Hey babe I can't see you next Friday, I'm dating some other gal that night."

Remind them of their own deadlines, but not that you have other clients.


I will still
try to deliver sooner than that, but I want them to know that the world
doesn't revolve around them (even though some months it might!), yet when I
deliver I want them to be able to tell others that I "really take care of
them" - which many have done (and why most of my business has come from word
of mouth).

When I've been waiting on content in the past (or any action that the client
has been dragging their feet on), or THINK that I may end up waiting, one of
the things that's worked well for me is a quick note to let them know that
there are other projects that I have in the pipeline that people are waiting
on, but since I put you (client) first, I want to give you all my attention
while I can.  If this timeframe isn't going to work for you, then we need to
settle on what is done thus far and figure out when it's convenient for both
of us to get back to work to wrap this up.  In the meantime, I will go ahead
with my next project.  It's amazing how quick they can suddenly make time
for you.


Steven E. Streight 

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