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Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Fri Dec 20 12:32:26 CST 2013

Dum dum dum dum .... Misty    Water-coloured    M E M O R I E S     ...     Heh!     ;-)

Hi Gang,

15 weeks?  Not bad.  Not bad at all!

Oh wait!  15 months?  Holy Mackeral, Andy!  That's a long time in this digital world!  That's like, (dang), several consoles ago!  Woooooot!

What?  No!  Are you kidding me?  15 years?  <shakes head />  Whoa.       As Si might say, "That's a lifetime, Jack!"

As Bill noted, I also remember first hearing about the 9/11 incidents on evolt.  Tough day, but an interesting foreshadowing of the power of the web to keep people connected in times of stress and disorder.  On the lighter side, I also remember many of the newbie "How to I prevent people from seeing and stealing my precious markup?" threads.  Those were always fun.   ;-)   But most of all, the many many "Hey, I'm stuck" threads ... and all the helpful suggestions they generated.  That was evolt and evolters at their best.

It really was / is all about the people:

Wondering if I was crazier than usual showing up on Joel's doorstep to celebrate his wedding.  Who does that kind of thing?  (People with saints for spouses I'm sure!)  Reading the occasional Jeff Howden "warpath" thread.  Being blown away by the work of the many fabulous designers who hung around here.  Being inordinately proud of all of the authors who hung out here; Jeff & Danny G on JS, Rudy on (what else?) SQL, Aardie on design, the PHP guys, the Info Architecture guys, Cold Fusion, CSS and everyone else.  Being amazed that Martin would change his itinerary to stop in Houston for dinner on his way to Bob's wedding in San Antonio.   Bugging Mr. Kelsey to play yet another game of chess - most likely after Dean or Madhu kicked my butt.  Following Madhu's rollercoaster restauranteer career ... and sending him a few diners!  Getting a more firsthand appreciation for how small the world truly is by reading the outrageous stories of our pal in Kenya on just how different his daily life was from mine.  Paul in Australia.  Our crew in Singapore.  Catching up from the late night (well, by my time zone anyway) posts from the EU crowd; all our wonderful folks in the UK, Stephanie and crew in France, Elfur back when she was in Iceland.  Dan back when he was in Milwaukee.  Some o' dem folks wuz fum places whuit ain't even in Texas!

Printed circuit board tats.  British spelling.  Ron White helping me through my first attempts at getting ASP to actually pull data out of a database.  Props, dude!  Worrying about hostile rockets landing a little too close to our pals in Israel.  Insane South American bicycle videos.  Taping Jeopardy to see how well some evolter can do!  All of the 'how many times can we morph this thread before it turns into a guitar discussion' competitions.  Hearing about Scott's 'century' rides.  Wondering if that crazy Canadien lady, (with the cute dog), will ever make it down to Houston for her quilter convention.  Duck bucketing.  (Oh wait, that was me.)  Meeting Elfur's brother after being asked to go look at a custom RV that he was thinking of buying!  Missing seeing him come back through Houston when I was recovering from my cancer surgery.  The flash is evil threads.  The 'using tables for layout' is evil threads.  The IE4 (or even IE3) is evil threads.

Listening to my *autographed* Sepentone CD!  Or "Warmly, Shirley" 's piano work.  Or some old Californian.  No wait, Irishman.  Nomad?  Wisconsonite.  (Wisconsonite?)  Boo Frog.  Nagrom on stage as Woodie Guthrie.  (Or was it Arlo Guthrie?  ...  Or maybe it was Bob Guthrie - that guy the police picked up for, well, you know.)   "Cubie" gang signs.  And the many wonderful discussions ranging from poison dart frogs to chili peppers to mountain bikes to literature and more.

To all the lurker, de-lurkers, and active workers that were / are / and will ever be evolt ... Sláinte!

Some crazy old runner dude ... who still proudly wears his evolt blackhat!


(I wonder what the next 15 years will bring?)

BTW - The house Strat needs new strings ... any recommendations?   ;-PPPPPPPPPPPP

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