[thesite] if anyones bored..

Louis P Bennett lbenne01 at tufts.edu
Sat Oct 20 22:46:10 CDT 2001

>i also think a lot more people here *and* on thelist would 
>contribute code(if you think about it, there are only about 3, maybe 
>four of us(jeff, me, josh, matt) that contribute right now). and we 
>get a lot of shit done between us 4, but i think a lot of people 
>that have PHP skills are sitting here on their hands waiting to 
>contribute.. maybe i'm wrong, but thats the feelign i got from 3 
>other people who are on this list and were at codefest last weekend..


i'd love to contribute, but b/c i don't know coldfusion, i'll have to 
learn it before i can contribute effectively. learning another 
language is generally a pain when you're doing both classes and a job 
full-time. doing a little work on the side, though, ain't so bad. my 
two cents.


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