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Robin Hastings robin at rhastings.net
Tue Feb 27 10:56:07 CST 2001

I guess I'm in the area (less than 2 hours away in Jefferson City), but I
won't be able to make that particular one - keep posting STL beervolts,
though, maybe I'll be able to make another one...

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> Well,
> All these Austin and London and Atlanta beerfests are making me
> jealous. I
> think that St. Louis ought to have a beerfest too, not to be left out. Of
> course, I have no idea how many other people here are from St. Louis (I
> know of at least one). There's a great club called the Way Out
> Club (oddly
> enough, introduced to me by the fellow I know from the list) and on St.
> Patty's day they are having a couple of bands play. I heard one of them -
> Low Freq - last night on KDHX (the local public radio station), and they
> sounded great! Grungy and nasty and non-4/4 time signature. I
> know my wife
> and I are gonna make it there the night of the 17th. Is anyone else out
> there in the STL area interested??? We can drink green beer until
> we are...
> erm... green?
> Come back now,
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