[thechat] IE Upload; Making the leap from virtual to real

Joe Crawford jcrawford at avencom.com
Tue Feb 27 15:37:52 CST 2001

Chris Spruck wrote:
> Joe - did you get any response about the IE-Mac/CF file upload fix I
> suggested? Hope it wasn't just a fluke on my end...

Sorry Chris -- this issue is a victim of shifting priorities. We hope to
get to this this week. :-\

Sorry, that sucks.

On another note - how have *you* made sure, that when making the leap
from virtual to real, people actually meet. I've heard of several
instances where groups of onliners agreed to meet, but did not recognize
each other (out of lack of pictures, crowd, shyness, or whatever). I
don't think this will be an issue @ evoltcon - but how have you solved
this in the past.

(I usually tell folks I'll be wearing my red cardigan and provide a
rough description of myself (roundish fellow, goatee long/short hair,

When I met my girlfriend-later-wife, it was obvious, but for groups it
can be a bit trickier.

	- joe <http://artlung.com/>

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