[thechat] Photo Manipulation Assistance .. Please :)

Michele Wandrei michele at inthree.com
Tue Feb 27 16:23:52 CST 2001

>I want to fade it out on the right hand side .. but I haven't a
clue what I'm doing.  Or, what I Am doing is just not working.

Hi Michele,

You can do this fairly easily in Photoshop with a layer mask.
Make sure that you're in the layer you want to work in, then in
the Layers box, click on the button with the circle in it.  Then
select the layer mask (click on the mask outline on that layer in
the Layers box).

Once you create and select the layer maskl, you can either use
brushes to get the "fade" effect or apply a gradient to it
(foreground to transparent).   You can play around with the
opacity on the brushes to get the right look.

I hope this makes sense.  It's easier to do than to describe!
Michele Wandrei
inThree Design

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