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> 2/ Roundabouts. What a silly idea. What's wrong with traffic
> lights? Or four-way stop intersections? There are very, very
> few rotaries in the US. The only one I ever encountered was
> one when I lived in Rhode Island. I never got the hang of that,
> either. So I'm sure you'll be just thrilled to know there
> aren't any really in the US and you don't need to deal with
> that. Isn't the relief just huge?

Imagine this.
A grid of 50 rectangles of size 1200m x 800m (roughly).
Every node where corners join has a roundabout.
Each rectangle is cut into 4 sub-parts.
The minor node has a minor roundabout.
The point where the cut in rectangle's longer side meet up, there are
traffic lights.

That is a very very crude layout of my city. Needless to say the
roundabouts provide a character to the city and form an integral part
of our psyche. There are two towns on the border that mimic the same
patern. More roundabouts! Hurrah!

It's just roughly around 50 years old too. Modern design! :P A must
visit! People from all over the world actually come here to study the
architecture. 100 points to who guesses what city I'm talking about?

Roundabouts have a hundred different plus points over traffic lights.
No electricity, order in traffic, no 180/90 degree collisions
possible, no need for traffic to stop and create needless pollution,
etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. But then, this is something I could
blabber on for ever.


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