[thechat] moving to the UK - why?

Katherine Spice k.spice at acu.ac.uk
Thu Mar 1 09:19:48 CST 2001

Seeing as it's quiet today, I thought I'd throw this in! This question
has been bugging me for a while, but I was finally prompted to ask by
Bob's response to Bri's post re Kettle 1 - for all you expatriates
living in the UK - why'd you move here?

Don't get me wrong, I love it here. I live, work and play in central
London and right now leaving the country wouldn't be something I'd
consider. But, lots of my friends (all technical people) are seriously
considering getting out, mainly because of the RIP act, and other
actions of our current government, and if you're a regular reader of \.
one regularly expressed opinion is the the uk is becoming a "big brother
is watching" country. What do other UK citizens think? Has anyone
emigrated for these reasons? I'd really be interested in your answers.


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