Name Game (was: Re: [thechat] Driving in America

Judah McAuley judah at
Mon Mar 5 12:30:44 CST 2001

At 10:06 AM 3/5/2001, you wrote:
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> >From: Judah McAuley
> >I took my wife's last name when I got married three years ago.
>Cool! I considered doing that, too, Judah. Still might do it if we decide
>one family name is important when it's time for kids. David Atkinson sounds
>just as good as David McCreath to me.

Yeah, I did it largely for aesthetic reasons.  Judah Michael McAuley sounds 
much better than Jocelyn Olivia Eckenberg.  Besides, I didn't particularly 
like the Eckenberg clan and I enjoy small acts of social rebellion that 
confuse people.


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