[thechat] RE: Name Game

Judah McAuley judah at alphashop.com
Mon Mar 5 18:48:47 CST 2001

At 06:34 PM 3/5/01 -0600, you wrote:

>But, my college diploma has my ex-husband's name. That still stings. /I/ 
>earned that sucker and /my/ name should be on that. The one that noted 
>about the student loans -- no, that thing is carved in stone since you 
>originally signed it with the other name. And, that would be true of any 
>loan -- once signed, they gotcha.

Maybe I'm more of a feminist than you, but my take is that it's never been 
*his* name, its always been yours.  Every class you took, every paper you 
wrote, every hour of sleep you missed was all under that name.  If that 
sort of work doesn't make the name yours, then I don't know what does.  I'm 
on my third last name now.  It may or may not be my last.  Who knows?  Name 
changes may have been a marker in my life, but they certainly do not mean 
that one life was over and another one started.  Near as I can tell, I've 
only got one life and everything in it is accumulative.  And I just have to 
deal with it the best I can.

My $.02 (no sales tax since I'm in Oregon)


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