[thechat] Re: Name Game

Ben Dyer ben_dyer at imaginuity.com
Mon Mar 5 19:27:22 CST 2001

Ah, but then it makes it easy to sort out junk mail, because mailing lists 
always try to put two and two together. :)


At 07:04 PM 3/5/01, you wrote:
>Yow with the name thing. Y'all should go to my parents' house, where the
>mailbox reads:
>Smith (my mother)
>Skolink (my stepfather)
>Smith-Skolnik (their child, my half-sister)
>Skolink-Smith (their business)
>Dent (me, product of one of my mother's previous marriages)
>As Jen points out, I do wonder what will happen when my sister, Ms.
>Skolnik-Smith, marries Mr. Powell-Jones. The mind boggles with the
>possibilities :o)

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