Strange Request (was Re: [thechat] Anybody Hiring?)

Garrett Coakley garrett at
Wed Mar 14 05:03:17 CST 2001

On Tue, 13 Mar 2001 13:51:16 -0500, "Kevin Stevens" <kjs at> said:

>            Really, why? I think it all went crashing down after he left so
>no worries there :)

That's right, he moved to London before it all went pear shaped didn't
he? Oh ok..... I feel much better now *:)

>Are you up for the next London Beervolt? We still haven't met. 
>It was suggested that the last Thursday in
>the month was a good idea, is this still likely Martin/Mike/John?

With any luck. Money is a bit tight at the moment (not a great deal of
work on), but fingers crossed, yeah I should be able to make it.

Onto the strange request. I didn't want to ask this on thelist because
although it's related to web design, it's more of a personal,
experimental thing (and my tip jar is very empty right now).

I trying to get hold of some large (about 1000px on a side) graphics of
geometric shapes. In particular a stellated dodecahedron and a stellated
icosahedron (the spiky ones). I've found a few on the web but they're not
really suitable for what I want to use them for. Not big enough unfortunately.

If any kind soul out there has access to Mathematica, or something
similar and wouldn't mind me giving me a little bit of help, I would be
eternally in your debt and would shower you with beer, gifts, praise and

I'm in the process of redoing (it's getting a bit long in
the tooth) and I think I've hit upon a neat design, but it kinda relies
on being able to get hold of some images of these spiky shapes.



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