Strange Request (was Re: [thechat] Anybody Hiring?)

Jonathan Chard jonathan at
Wed Mar 14 05:50:12 CST 2001

Howdy, Garrett, fellow Oxford-ite!

>Onto the strange request. I didn't want to ask this on thelist because
>although it's related to web design, it's more of a personal,
>experimental thing (and my tip jar is very empty right now).

>If any kind soul out there has access to Mathematica, or something
>similar and wouldn't mind me giving me a little bit of help, I would be
>eternally in your debt and would shower you with beer, gifts, praise and

Hmmm, believe it or not we actually used to distribute Mathematica (in our
incarnation as Cherwell Scientific). We've got loads of thick books on it
lying around
the place gathering dust.. We MUST have a copy of it on one of our machines
I'll ask around at lunchtime. You never know, someone here might actually be
able to
use it too..!

I'll let you know if I have any luck...

Jon Chard. on the Oxford Science park.
Ah the joys of Hinksey Hill on a Monday morning..

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