[thechat] mac os-x

Bob Davis bobd at members.evolt.org
Fri Mar 23 13:06:50 CST 2001

on 3/23/01 2:00 PM, Dave McLean at thechat at dwcreative.com wrote:

> I have a feeling that we'll have to switch to the classic environment for a
> while before many programs have updates to reflect carbonisation and full
> osx compatibility.

Yeah, I'm thinking the same thing.

> I'm not buying it tomorrow because I intend on getting a new tower this
> summer when the os will be shipping with them.  Until then I'll stick to 8.6
> on my beige g3 tower and 9.1 on the fiancées iBook.

I bought the beta, and pre-ordered it the day we (beta testers) got the
e-mail about the discount.  I should have it tomorrow (maybe today...gotta
start backing up data).

I've been running it (beta) on a PowerBook and on a blue and white G3, and
it seems to be pretty happy.  Not as fast as 9, but it's just beta.  I'm
hearing mixed reviews on the speed of the final version.
> Going to a seminar at Apple Canada on Wednesday though.  Hopefully it's a
> hands-on session.  That'll be tres cool.

Very tres cool. 

You going to write something up about it?  I'd be interested in knowing what
they are like. I think they have these things around the Boston area too.


bob davis
bobd at members.evolt.org

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