[thechat] Lackluster tacos are core competency of Taco Bell.

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Fri Mar 23 12:37:44 CST 2001

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> > So, did you US type people all get free Tacos?
> > 
> > Or (going by my & Elfur's experience of Taco Bell), were you lucky?
> Taco Bell <http://www.tacobell.com/> is castrated Mexican food.
> Some people swear by it, but I tell you, it's bland and lacks any sort
> of character.
> I grew up at least partly with authentic Mexican-American 
> cuisine (which
> is to say, chorizo and eggs, tacos, enchiladas, refried beans, mexican
> rice) -- and Taco Bell seems to be from an entirely different planet
> from that food.


I must agree with you! I was born and bred in New Mexico, home of the 
authentic hatch green chile and red chile (not the bowdlerized version that 
chicago and texas lay claim to). However!!! When I went to Virginia to so 
research (into machine intelligence which is another cool story) one 
summer, there were only two mexican restaurants in the city... a hole-in-
the-wall and Taco Bell. Sadly, Taco Bell had the better food, and I ate 
there frequently. I remember that one time I took a couple of friends, and 
one of them asked me with disbelief in his voice, "Is that really what NM 
looks like?" - referring of course to the etched glass pictures of the 
mesas and desert scenes that pervade the restaurant. I told him yes, but 
that he oughtta check out Doug West's work for a real look at the 
southwestern United States. URLs:



Doug is one of my favorite artists. And Taco Bell is one of my least 
favorite restaurants...


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