[thechat] Lackluster tacos are core competency of Taco Bell.

Joe Crawford jcrawford at avencom.com
Fri Mar 23 15:42:55 CST 2001

Jay Turley wrote:
> I must agree with you! I was born and bred in New Mexico, home of the
> authentic hatch green chile and red chile (not the bowdlerized version that
> chicago and texas lay claim to). However!!! When I went to Virginia to so
> research (into machine intelligence which is another cool story) one
> summer, there were only two mexican restaurants in the city... a hole-in-
> the-wall and Taco Bell. Sadly, Taco Bell had the better food, and I ate
> there frequently. 


Love the ramble!

The crime is that in some parts of the country you can't even *get* good
tortillas and ingredients. Which is why sometimes even well intentioned
restauranteurs can't get the right flavors -- and I know this having
lived in Virginia [Roanoke then Charlottesville]. 

	- joe

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