[thechat] SW Art!

Jay Turley jay at weberrific.org
Fri Mar 23 13:31:15 CST 2001

> Thanks for the link! ... The Doug West art looks pretty 
> neat... the sky's
> remind me (a little bit) of Max Parrish. [There seems to be 
> more than a tad
> od 'Parrish blue' in there!]

That's totally true - Parrish being another artist I fancy quite a bit. The 
neat thing about West's art is that it's all screen-printed serigraphs, not 

> For (kinda similar SW art) Have you seen Gustav Bauman's 
> block print work?

Thanks for the link to Bauman's work. I like it a lot. I notice he's done 
at least a couple posters for the Santa Fe Desert Chorale, so I would 
assume that Taos or that area is right on. Kinds looks like aouthwest 
Norman Rockwell without any people (tho' it's hard to tell from just the 

> [... and, despite what some may say, ... there are a FEW very 
> very good
> Mexican restaurants in Texas. (Most definitely not ALL of 
> them ... but a
> FEW!]     ;-)

I agree. I've been to a number of good mexican restaurants in Texas - in 
Austin, Dallas, and San Angelo. The most interesting restaurant I've seen 
in TX though was in a small town half way to Austin from El Paso - it was a 
little German village, and the food was totally authentic German food. What 
a surprise to come across it in the middle of cow country...

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